Kanye Addressed His Rivalry with Drake in The “Jesus Is King” Interview w/ Zane Lowe

Written by on October 24, 2019

They met up in Wyoming for a conversation about Jesus Is King, Christianity, Donald Trump, Drake, and more
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Briefly, Kanye discussed his rivalry with Drake that happened last year. He mentioned once again that they live within walking distance, and that he even went to his house once without security in hopes of chatting. He didn’t, however, want to disturb the recording process of the perpetually working Drizzy.

“You cannot be in service to God and be mad at your brother,” he said. “I walk over to Drake’s house with no security and leave my phone number, like, ‘Here’s my phone number.’ I’m not trying to ring the door bell, he might be busy. He got a studio in there, just think he recording at all times.”

‘Ye also vaguely touched on some issues he has had with JAY-Z as of late. “With Jay, I love all these people, but you gotta know there’s lineage from Jay to ‘Ye to Drake. This person your idol, get to know him, become friends, turn to frenemies, turn to enemies,” he said. “Gotta bring back positive energy. But that’s the lineage of rap kings and inspirers. Jay was my biggest inspiration.”

He revealed that there’s one person who’s a bigger rival to him now. “I think about Bernard Arnault more than Drake,” he said.

Here is the trailer for the interview here:

Everything We Learned From Kanye West’s ‘Jesus Is King’ Interview With Zane Lowe

  • Kanye said he had a porn addiction
  • He asked his collaborators to not have premarital sex while working on ‘Jesus Is King’
  • He still plans to run for president in 2024
  • He addressed his rivalry with Drake
  • Louis Vuitton’s Bernard Arnault is his second biggest hero
  • ‘Ye considers merch sales donations to Sunday Service
  • He said his hospital visit led him down the path to Christianity
  • He announces the Sunday Service album ‘Jesus Is Born’

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