Inside Mariah Carey’s Feud With Ariana Grande: Nick Cannon Says This Was the Reason the Two Singers Had Beef

Written by on June 22, 2020

With this comparison making its way through the industry, it was assumed that Carey would have been flattered by this analogy, and the ladies would eventually join the power of their vocal forces.

However, the five time Grammy-winner wasn’t a fan of the ongoing comparisons. Soon, the two were rumored to have a serious feud, causing the internet to constantly pit them against each other in a bunch of memes and hilarious hoax videos.

Some even believe that Carey seemingly confirmed her feud with Grande while appearing on an episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen in 2016. It was then, the singer shared that she had no clue who the “Into You” songstress was, delivering her infamous “I don’t know her” line.

Nick Cannon says ongoing comparison’s kicked off the pop divas’ “feud”

In 2018, Carey’s ex-husband Nick Cannon finally set the record straight on the alleged discord that’s been silently brewing between the singers for years.

While interviewing with VladTV, the Wild ‘N Out host recollected his first time introducing Carey to the idea of Grande as a singer, who he’s known since her days as Cat Valentine on Nickelodeon’s Victorious

Cannon shared that he showed his ex-wife a video of Grande singing one of her classic hits, which she had responded cordially to. However, once the comparisons started rolling in, Carey was immediately turned off from Grande, which Cannon says is how their alleged beef started.

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“This is what Mariah hates, and Ariana made the cardinal mistake of saying—or I don’t even know if it was her—but, it was associated,” he said. “It was like, ‘the next’ or ‘the new’ Mariah Carey. [And she’s like] ‘The f**k does that mean?’ I’m the Mariah Carey, why do you need another one? Why do you need the next one?’”

Mariah Carey and Ariana Grande put their rumored beef to rest in 2019

Though the women never spoke about their alleged feud, they seemingly put their rumored beef to rest in March 2019 after Grande posted a message to her Instagram story wishing Carey a happy anniversary (she refers to her birthdays as anniversaries).

“Happy anniversary queen of everything,” the “7 Rings” songstress wrote. “Loved u then, love u now, love u tomorrow.”

Carey later reposted the message on her Instagram Story, along with a sweet, heartfelt reply, “Thank you dahhhhling @arianagrande.”

While the online exchange might not have been a big deal to some, Arianators and Lambs couldn’t keep their cool as it appeared that the two divas were finally on good terms.

Now that they’ve put the drama behind them, here’s hoping the singers will soon join forces and deliver the collab of the century.

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