6 Best Pomades for Men Your Hair Will Simply Love

Written by on February 17, 2020

6 Best Pomades for Men Your Hair Will Simply Love

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There’s more to good-looking hair than genetics. True, your ancestry has a lot to do with whether your hair is thick, thinning, curly – what have you.

But the way you style your hair and the quality of that styling has a major impact on whether your hair falls into the “good-looking” category or the “he needs to do something about his hair” category.

The good news is that the list of products that make styling your hair easier is long. Very long. And included on that list is pomade, a versatile styling product used by many men.

In this post, we’ll review this year’s best pomades for men, starting with Seven Potions Hair Styling Pomade For Men  pomade.

Along the way, we’ll also provide pomade buying tips, discuss the proper way to apply a pomade, and compare pomade to other products such as hair gel and hair wax.

Let’s get started with some pomade buying suggestions.



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OUR #1 CHOICESeven Potions Hair Styling Pomade For Men100% natural, organic formulaWashes away nice and easyGives a solid hold and shineCHECK ON AMAZON →
Mack For Men Shapeshifter Premium Organic PomadeGives a lightweight, natural finishA light texture, yet a firm holdNatural formula maintains hair healthCHECK BEST PRICE →
Layrite Super Hold PomadeGreat hold, particularly for curly and wavy hairEasy to re-style hair throughout the dayWashes out with no fussCHECK ON AMAZON →
Sauvetico Pomade Firme HoldDoesn’t make your hair feel greasyShows off a healthy, radiant shineEasy to style and comb throughCHECK ON AMAZON →
Lockhart’s Hair Pomade Goon Grease Heavy HoldReliable holdSuitable for all hair stylesDoesn’t go crunchy after it’s appliedCHECK ON AMAZON →
American Crew PomadeEasy to apply but holds firmConsists of natural ingredientsCan be used on all hair typesCHECK ON AMAZON →
Mystic Man Organic Styling Pomade & Beard BalmOrganic, raw ingredientsProvides a natural lookPefect for hair and beard combinationCHECK ON AMAZON →


So, you’re in the market for some pomade?

If so, we’re here to help, because we know there are many pomade choices and plenty of things to consider when buying it. Let’s break it down a bit:


Pomade basically comes in two types: oil-based and water-based.

  • Oil-Based

Pomades made with a mineral oil base have been around a long, long time and have helped many men in getting a shiny, well-groomed look. Oil-based pomades are usually cheaper than water-based pomades, but they can clog your pores while stripping your hair of natural oil. They’re also harder to wash out because of their oil content. That’s not to say oil-based pomades don’t do their intended job, however.

  • Water-Based

Finding a water-based pomade that provides a better hold than oil-based pomades isn’t easy. Their advantage over oil-based pomades – besides being easier to wash out of your hair – is that you can re-style your hair throughout the day. They’ll also leave your hair with a less-greasy look. But you’ll usually pay more for water-based pomade.

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