Written by on November 9, 2023

  • Bryan West: All you [have] to do is stay! Thank you @orividaal for talking to me this morning. In Argentina, there aren’t assigned seats on the floor level, so fans will camp out for weeks, sometimes months, ahead of concerts.
  • Renee Rapp: i’ve been struck and now watch me streak
  • Tom Brady: Media outlets asking for permission to use this photo. Yes you may, here is the file. Disregard other photoshopped images of me and Victor.
  • Nia Long: My brother @Jeezy invited me to a very important conversation. It’s a beautiful thing when a black man and a black woman choose to harbor safety for one another. Our mental health is our wealth and the only path to freedom.
  • Britney Spears: My book has a lot of sad stories and drama in it … that’s the past and this is me now !!! To the good stuff and a little nasty too!!! Psss throwback to when they wanted me in my pajamas for the Overprotected video but I said … please that’s too sweet, give me some damn clothes
  • Nicki Minaj: I have something to tell you guys. It’s one of the biggest announcements I’ve ever made. If you’d like me to continue, I need you to first trend #TellUSNicki GO!!!!!
  • SZA: Lmao jk I’m grateful to be alive ! thank you for all the positive energy ,kind words ,and prayers in my direction today and everyday .I’d be nothing w out camp . We a family and I I love you . Happy birthday to us !
  • Charli XCX: 2024 pop minimalism i can’t wait
  • Mayim Bialik: That moment when you feel a strong desire to eat at an Israeli restaurant with Israeli rock blasting – and also: this wallpaper is everything rn

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