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A Florida Walmart got a front and center display of Miami rapper Trina aka “The baddest B,” after a customer decided to call her a “n***** b*****.” The scene of Trina going off on the customer was caught on camera. The Miami rapper can be seen in the video screaming at the customer “say it […]

Cardi revealed on instagram live video that she has some new plans. Cardi has already started working on new music and also wants to do some tours. She even made a suggestion of what she wants to call her new album. Cardi said she thinks “Tiger Woods” would be the perfect name because she remembers […]

The Morning Mad House Crew was able to catch up with Julien Believe this morning talk about his latest project called “I believe in The Bahamas”. Watch as Julien becomes emotional talking about putting the project together. Part 1 Playing back the song Part 2 The emotions of everything takes over Julien in our Studio’s

Is mumble rap the New wave or Trash? What do you think?

Gayle King’s promise of an explosive R. Kelly interview lived up to the hype today (Wednesday). On CBS This Morning, R. Kelly vehemently denied allegations against him in a very dramatic, animated appearance. He was visibly emotional throughout the interview, at one point raising his voice and standing up, and at another, talking through tears as two makeup […]

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