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Kenan Thompson @kenanthompson My brotha! #KenanAndKel #GoodBurger #Reunion #Emmys #Emmys2022 Sydney Sweeney @sydney_sweeney Emmy’s 2022 thank you for all the beautiful birthday wishes and what a surreal day. love you all so much! FOLLOW @YITTY @lizzo Hello, Emmys! Sofia Vergara @SofiaVergara Emmys here we go! @Dior Karlie Kloss @karliekloss tonight it’s @voguemagazine’s world and we’re all just livin’ in it BIG LATTO @Latto Doja is the coolest […]

Tom Brady @TomBrady Year 23. #LFG Mario Lopez @mariolopezviva López Boys day out at Sofi today, first game of the season for the @Chargers, let’s get that W! #BoltUp  #LosChargers  #LAAllDay Cardi B @iamcardib Just posted a tiktok of men and their horoscope signs Anna Kendrick @AnnaKendrick47 Ah, the classic “I’m behind schedule at this film festival because I had to be rescued from an […]

J.K. Rowling @jk_rowling Some may find the outpouring of British shock and grief at this moment quaint or odd, but millions felt affection and respect for the woman who uncomplainingly filled her constitutional role for seventy years. Mick Jagger @MickJagger For my whole life Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II has always been there. In my childhood I […]

Kim Kardashian @KimKardashian I’m pleased to announce the launch of @SKKYPartners with private equity veteran Jay Sammons as co-founder and co-managing partner, along with @KrisJenner who will serve as partner at our firm. Simu Liu @SimuLiu That’s it I am moving into my freezer. This heat is WILD. Nicki Minaj: In case you’re wondering why #MargzForBarbz is trending. thank […]

Dionne Warwick @dionnewarwick That young man did not spit on anyone. I cannot believe that this was part of my Pop Culture call this morning, but I’m trying to keep up with y’all. Brian Hiatt @hiattb I once wrote a Men’s Journal cover story on Chris Pine, and I can confirm there’s no way he would laugh off […]

Dionne Warwick @dionnewarwick Hi, I’m Gladys Knight… and instead of taking that midnight train to Georgia, I won’t walk on by but will say a little prayer for you 😂😐 Gladys Knight @MsGladysKnight Dionne and I have been sisters for a long time and I hope she is as honored to be mistaken for me as I […]

Andy Cohen @Andy Is anyone talking about the RUG ???? 😳 Chris Paul @CP3 Never seen anything like what Serena Williams is doing!!! EVERYBODY EVERYWHERE is cheering for her and watching every moment!! I’m a fan and enjoying every minute!!! @serenawilliams 🐐🐐🐐 #USOpen2022 Stephen Curry @StephenCurry30 Not done yet @serenawilliams 🙏🏽 Travis Barker @travisbarker Beastie boys changed my life […]

John Green @johngreen IS ANYONE ELSE VERY ANXIOUS FOR NO KNOWN REASON? Jim Gaffigan @JimGaffigan It’s also Marching band season. Cardi B @iamcardib I’m ready for Christmas decorations Khalid @thegreatkhalid BLACKPINK in your area! T-Raww @Tyga T-RAWW BACK FRIDAY Dax Flame @TheDaxFlame What age is the average skateboarder: Grindteen abigail breslin @yoabbaabba I know Carrie and Big are iconic but I never have cried harder […]

The Weeknd @theweeknd JUST IN : TORONTO I’M COMING BACK WITH WITH A VENGEANCE. GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH GETS A SECOND NIGHT AT THE ROGERS STADIUM… tickets soon Karlie Kloss @karliekloss currently cheering like this from my couch @serenawilliams Patrick Mahomes @PatrickMahomes #Serena LeBron James @KingJames Keep that serve going!!! @serenawilliams #USOpen2022 TINA SNOW @theestallion I honestly see why they pressed Nick Jonas @nickjonas Mexico City […]

Sydney Sweeney @sydney_sweeney You guys this is wild. An innocent celebration for my moms milestone 60th birthday has turned into an absurd political statement, which was not the intention. Please stop making assumptions. Much love to everyone and Happy Birthday Mom! FOLLOW @YITTY @lizzo My stylist: How much fabric do you wanna wear? Me: Yes Khalid @thegreatkhalid hey @vmas The Weeknd @theweeknd PHOENIX […]

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