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The Don’t Do It Bishop Patrol went LIVE ON DA ROAD.. To Track down Bishop Lawrence Rolle …. With Success.. Epic Show.. check it out.. P.S EMPRESS IS DRIVE FAST…

Apostle Julian Johnson Our Special Guest on Today’s show . He answers some questions but many left unanswered. Should we bring him back?

Don’t Stop Song Snippet… Tune into Hot for the Release if this BIG Tune

A day before another weekend lockdown. The country slowed down for a few hours to Watch another hot Don’t Do it Show… What a time in the church

Yes, people, this is the show everyone has been talking about, Is the Good Church taking advantage of people? The guest on today’s show has a lot to say.. Grab some tea.. and hold on tight…

Should giving during this COVID 19 time be politicized? And Much more in today’s show.

Empress gets to chat with Capleton on Strictly the best reggae show

The ladies talk about The Min Of Healths Press conference. The Weekend lockdown and Beauty Nails in today’s show

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