On this day September 4, 1981, a Queen was born and has continued to bless everyone with her legendary presence. As the world celebrates the birth of this extraordinary talent, her devoted fans, affectionately known as the Beyhive, are coming together online to honor and celebrate the icon who has left an indelible mark on […]

Get ready, gamers — Snoop Dogg is suiting up for Call of Duty Snoop is set to join Call Of Duty: Warzone, Vanguard, and Mobile as a playable operator starting next month. For the initial round, players will have to enter into a lottery to be able to play as the rap icon. He took to the COD blog […]

if you’re a video game fan then this news about classic video game “Super Mario 64” will certainly put a smile on your face. According to new reports, an unopened copy of “Super Mario 64” just made history by becoming the highest-selling video game of all-time after recently selling for a jaw-dropping $1.5 million! @CNN […]

Sony has confirmed that the PlayStation 4 Communities feature will officially be discontinued and shut down in April. The removal isn’t totally surprising, however, as a recent set of beta patch notes for the PlayStation 4 indicated that it would, in fact, be going away in the near future. Communities, if you are not already […]

According to reports, Sony is set to introduce SSD storage expansion for the PlayStation 5 this summer. The reports go on to note that the rollout is expected to help deal with the size of next-gen games, which can go up to 250GB, that easily fill the internal 825GB SSD (only 667GB is usable). The […]

With the holiday season officially upon us, Sony has released a new trailer to continue building hype for its PlayStation 5 console. While the system is sold out everywhere at the moment, and prices are double MSRP or more on the secondary market, that isn’t stopping the company from showcasing all that the system currently […]

A sealed copy of NES’ Super Mario Bros. 3 has sold for $156,000 USD and has set the world record for the highest price paid for a video game at auction. On November 20, Heritage Auctions sold a sealed copy of 1990’s Super Mario Bros. 3 for $156,000 and surpassed the sale of NES’ Super […]

Posted by Dakota ‘DarkHorse’ Hills • 32 minutes ago • Comments: 4 The eve of PlayStation 5’s arrival onto the gaming scene is finally upon us, and while the next gen console will come packing the ability to play thousands of games both new and old, there’s still some classics left out in the cold that […]

Global blockbuster Genshin Impact from miHoYo has amassed $245 million in player spending during its first month, making it one of the biggest mobile game launches ever, Sensor Tower Store Intelligence estimates show. In its first week, the title racked up approximately $60 million and it hasn’t slowed down since, averaging a similar amount each […]

Xbox is leaning heavily into the memes by not only acknowledging the fact that its next-gen console looks like a refrigerator, but now it is actually giving away an Xbox Series X-themed refrigerator. There’s even an official world premiere video for the kitchen monolith. Announced via Xbox’s official Twitter account, the Xbox Series X Fridge is […]

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