Spotify announces launch of their own award show, the Spotify Awards

Written by on November 21, 2019

Spotify has announced that on March 5th, 2020, they will host the first annual Spotify Awards in Mexico City. According to the streaming giant, the show’s categories, nominees, and winners will be decided entirely based on user streaming data to “provide a true reflection of what fans are listening to.”

Coming fresh off the heels of the Grammy Award nominations, it seems Spotify is looking to capitalize on sentiments from some music fans that the Grammys may be a bit out of touch in the streaming era. Spotify’s news release regarding the announcement states, “you can get excited for an awards ceremony that actually speaks to what the people are streaming.” Since the Grammy’s peak viewership of 39 million in 2012, viewership has consistently trended downwards. According to Statista, last year only 17.95 million tuned in, not even half of 2012’s mark.

The news also closely follows the announcement of Apple Music’s upgraded musical tracking program, as well as Amazon’ Music’s addition of free ad-supported streaming. Both of these changes cut into features unique to Spotify in the streaming realm, but with the Spotify Awards they’ve reclaimed a perk of their service that no other platform currently offers.

The show will take place in Mexico City, where Spotify has the most monthly listeners. It will be streamed in partnership with Turner Latin America.

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