Written by on March 20, 2020

This weekend, the Pixar and Disney movie Onward will most likely attract the largest crowds, which is hardly saying something when you consider that Onward might struggle to earn even $1 million. (The Hollywood Reporter)

Hollywood studios will wait to release another major movie until the coronavirus pandemic has passed. They’re quickly pushing 2020 movies to video-on-demand. Meanwhile, all 1,700 theaters owned by AMC, Cinemark and Regal are closed. (Box Office Mojo)

One year ago, on the third Wednesday in March, moviegoers spent more than $10 million. This week, at 440 theaters on Wednesday, ticket sales throughout North America totaled just a quarter-million dollars. A historic low. (The Hollywood Reporter)

The National Association of Theatre Owners seeks a bailout. Congress will hand financial relief to airlines, hotels, casinos and cruise ships. The theater chains want a piece of that pie for their 150,000 employees nationwide. (The Wrap)

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