Written by on September 20, 2019

Three new movies are predicted to have big openings with revenue of around $20 million. But Jennifer Lopez could have the most popular film, if not It: Chapter Two.

A Hollywood insider confessed, (quote) “This is quite the bottleneck! It’s hard trying to figure out which film will stand out from the pack.”

Five movies have a shot at being number one this weekend. Only $4 million dollars in earnings could be the difference between finishing first and fifth. Box Office Mojo predicts how the five movies will be ranked come Monday morning

  1. Downton Abbey (3,079 theatres) $22.0 million
  2. Rambo: Last Blood (3,618 theatres) $20.0 million
  3. It: Chapter Two (4,156 theaters) $19.0 million
  4. Ad Astra (3,460 theaters) $19.0 million
  5. Hustlers (3,525 theatres) $17.6 million

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