Written by on September 18, 2019

Three new movies are predicted to have big openings with revenue exceeding $20 million. But Jennifer Lopez could have the most popular one with Hustlers.

A Hollywood insider confessed, (quote) “This is quite the bottleneck! It’s hard trying to figure out which film will stand out from the pack.”

Sylvester Stallone returns to the Rambo franchise he launched more than 30 years ago. What’s dubbed as the final chapter, Rambo: Last Blood could attract the largest audience and revenue might reach $25 million.

Brad Pitt stars in the astronaut drama called Ad Astra, which is on target to lose money. Production costs exceeded $80 million yet it will barely make $20 million in its first weekend.

Then the snooty, PBS period piece Downton Abbey that may earn around $20 million in its debut weekend. This type of movie tends to attract older audiences for several weeks to come. (The Wrap)

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