NICK CANNON: Supports DaBaby

Written by on August 11, 2021

Nick Cannon lent support to DaBaby following the rapper’s homophobic remarks.

Nick believes now is the time to embrace DaBaby rather than shun him. (quote) “There are so many DaBabys out there. We should all gather around DaBaby. Then watch how many mentalities will change in the hip-hop community.”

On Tuesday, Nick told his radio audience, (quote) “Let’s use this as an opportunity for education. Because that’s what happened in my scenario. If I’m saying something that is not correct about your community, show me where I’m incorrect. Correct me.”

Nick is no stranger to cancel culture. Due to repeating anti-Semitic tropes, Cannon nearly lost hosting gigs in radio, on The Masked Singer, Wild ‘N Out and his pending daytime talk show. (New York Post

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