“If I don’t trust her with the food store run, why will I marry her?” What would you do?

Written by on October 30, 2020

A man has narrated how his girlfriend failed his test after he gave her $300 to buy groceries, but she bought groceries worth $150.

The young man who shared the story said he isn’t just disappointed in her, but he also finds it hard to trust her.

In his words;

“I’ve an issue with my girlfriend and now i don’t trust her again, I told my girlfriend to get some stuff for my place for the lockdown.

I gave her$300 to buy the foodstuff, but she bought groceries worth $150 or less. How did i know? When my sister came and saw the meat, the fish and other items, she calculated everything and said it’s below $150.

“After one year of our relationship, If i can’t trust her to buy groceries when she’s not my wife yet, then, what’s the point of marrying her? I’ve never given her money to buy groceries before, now she failed my test. She denied it and said she spent the money on the food items, i told her let’s go to the food store and reprice everything again, she refuses. Her loss.”

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