Gut Busted

Written by on May 8, 2019

A 320-pound Memphis man, who has a reputation for masturbating in public at a bus station, recently stunned police when he managed to sneak a 24-inch machete through a metal detector at the police station.

30-year-old Freddrick Johnson was arrested at a bus station and brought to the police station. As he passed through a metal detector, he was found to be in possession of two folding knives, a taser and multiple bags containing imitation narcotics.

As a secondary pat-down was being conducted, an officer detected a hard object protruding near his crotch. Johnson tried to convince the officer that it was his…um…Johnson, but the officer was suspicious. It turned out to be a two-foot machete that he’d concealed under a very large fold of belly fat. It even got past the metal detector. 

In addition to the initial charges of aggravated trespassing, he’s also facing a felony count of introducing contraband into a penal institution. (The Smoking Gun)

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