DENNIS RODMAN: Denies Clothing Heist

Written by on May 13, 2019

Dennis Rodman is calling foul on allegations that he participated in a shoplifting heist at a California yoga store.

TMZ reported that the NBA Hall of Famer walked into a store with three friends and talked to employees as his friends shoved merchandise into their purses. They also attempted to pick up a $2,500 crystal art piece which was dropped on the floor and shattered into pieces. The entire episode was caught on video.

The owner of the store filed a theft report with police, but Rodman is denying the whole thing. He tells TMZ that nothing was stolen and claims that the store let them take “a couple of gifts” because Rodman and his friends helped them move the large crystal art piece, which they actually destroyed.

Rodman said, “I tried to help … as the good person I am. Am I going to jail? No.” He also denies reports that he was drunk at the time. Police are investigating. 

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