Can you Imagine this going down on Sunday Service?

Written by on April 2, 2019

An Arizona man had a church full of worshipers saying “holy moly” after he ran into the building stark naked and disrupted a service before attempting to flee the scene.

Kodjovi Adande made his way into the Saints Simon and Jude Cathedral in Phoenix and ran through the aisles without wearing his Sunday best — or any clothing at all. The 38-year-old managed to avoid being tackled inside the church and headed to the parking lot, where he put on some pants and peeled out in his car — but was apprehended, thanks to a surveillance camera that captured his license plate.

Adande had been arrested twice before for incidents where he flashed individuals, but neither of those women chose to press charges. This incident was more serious because there were a number of people, including children, in the cathedral. The suspect said he realized what he was doing was wrong, but could offer no reason for his actions. (KPHO-TV)

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