AZEALIA BANKS: Threatens to Quit Music

Written by on June 25, 2019

Azealia Banks says she’s done making music — because the fans don’t deserve her. 

The outspoken Harlem artist, who has made more headlines for drama than her musical output, made that announcement on social media. She wrote, “You guys will always be more concerned with bad news about me than any of the phenomenal music I make because it’s how you’ve been taught to relate to me. It doesn’t matter how good my music is, I know you guys don’t deserve it.” 

The all caps rant concluded with “You will never get another body of Azealia Banks work again. Hear me!?!”

In a follow-up, Azealia says she’s “clearly not ever going to release music again” because she’s “too good for three-fourths of the public” She calls herself the “most intelligent” and “most talented” female rapper, but says it’s trendy to hate on her because she’s “conventionally ugly and black.”

She’s since deleted both posts. 

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