Nicki Minaj and Latto Clash On Twitter

Written by on October 14, 2022

Nicki Minaj is pissed that her song “Super Freaky Girl,” which was nominated for Best Rap Song, has been removed from the rap category by the Grammy Awards and placed in the pop section.

On Thursday afternoon, it was reported that the Grammy Awards committee shifted Minaj’s Billboard No. 1 track from the rap category as it was deemed a pop single by The Academy. The track is now vying for Best Pop Solo Performance. Shortly after the announcement, Minaj went off on a tirade as she claimed that if her track is a pop track, then so is Latto’s song “Big Energy,” which has been nominated in the rap category and which Latto has in the past also said the song is not purely rap. To make her point, Nicki Minaj called out Latto’s song and said anyone who agreed with Latto’s song being in the rap category was a hater.

Latto, however, didn’t seem like she was up for the nonsense and appeared to have texted Minaj to keep her out of her arguments. “I agree w you however because of where we left off ion think u need to bring my name/song up to prove ur point,” Latto said in a text message. Nicki Minaj, however, went on the offense and disrespected Latto on Twitter as she called her a “Karen” and a “scratch” and said that Latto did not speak up for her after her song was pulled from the rap category.

Latto seemingly responded to Minaj’s tweet, “1st of all I texted u cause I didn’t wanna do the internet sht w sum1 I looked up to. Just like the 1st time I DMed u asking about ur ongoing subtweets. I wanted to speak up cuz like I said I do agree but the way u going about it seems malicious esp. after how we left off,” Latto said in a tweet posted late on Thursday night. Latto also took a low blow at Minaj as she told the rapper that she was older than her mother but trying to bully her.

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