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During a Monday interview, the “Masked Singer” host talked about what it’s like being a super father and how he takes care of his children financially. He also clarified that he doesn’t give a “monthly allowance” or “set amount” of money to the six women he has children with. “I don’t give myself that [guideline],” […]

Rick Ross is the proud owner of several bulls, buffaloes, and cows; and this past weekend, Rozay’s cattle escaped into his neighbor’s yard, leaving her worried about her young kids at play outside. Rozay’s cattle made their way onto the plot of land behind his compound, where his neighbor lives. Video of the cattle escaping […]

The “BORG” challenge is the latest college craze, but has it gone too far? Health officials are sounding the alarm on the drinking fad after 46 students at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst were hospitalized and 28 ambulances responded to the campus last weekend. A “BORG,” which stands for “blackout rage gallon,” is a […]

Spice is not pregnant despite tricking the entire world into believing that she was, and now she has apologized after some blowback. The Queen of Dancehall is notorious for pulling off PR stunts like this one this week when she posted a baby bump photo seemingly announcing she was pregnant. Although a lot of folks […]

TikTok has been threatened with a federal ban unless Chinese owner ByteDance sells its stake in the popular short video app, the company said on Thursday. The Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS), the interagency panel that reviews foreign investments with national security implications, has demanded that the Beijing-based app maker divest, […]

Young M.A. has been noticeably out of the spotlight in recent times. The rapper released her last project, Off The Yak in 2021 with only a few offerings throughout the past year. Needless to say, fans have missed her presence in hip-hop heavily as they hoped she would make a grand return sometime in the […]

Queen of Dancehall Spice announces she is pregnant and shares a photo of her baby bump. On Tuesday (March 14), the Queen of Dancehall confirmed speculations that she is pregnant with her third child. Spice dropped some hints over the weekend that she might be expecting, leaving fans to speculate. Today she decided to end […]

Blac Chyna took to Instagram this Monday morning to share a new life update with her fans. The model and entrepreneur revealed that she recently had a procedure to remove her breast implants and reduce her butt size. She said in her caption, “I want you all to be a part of my life-changing journey. […]

Despite being incarcerated in the Netherlands, Reggae singer Jah Cure says he’s in good health, and maintains optimism in light of the release of his ninth studio album, Undeniable. Cure took the opportunity to, once again, express remorse to his supporters for his current legal predicament and promises that he will come clean about his […]

Colin Kaepernick is accusing his adoptive parents of being problematic during his childhood in a new interview with CBS news. The former NFL football player explains the struggles that he had to face with growing up with a white family in his new graphic novel, “Change The Game”. “I know my parents loved me. But […]

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