R. KELLY: More on Emotional Interview

Written by on March 6, 2019

Gayle King’s promise of an explosive R. Kelly interview lived up to the hype today (Wednesday).

On CBS This Morning, R. Kelly vehemently denied allegations against him in a very dramatic, animated appearance. He was visibly emotional throughout the interview, at one point raising his voice and standing up, and at another, talking through tears as two makeup artists furiously sponged off his face. 

In footage aired this morning, Kelly claims that the parents of the women he lives with willingly handed their daughters over to him and raised objections only when they stopped getting paid. 

He also denied that suffering childhood abuse himself has affected his behavior, though he claims to be considering therapy. 

R. Kelly tells Gayle King of CBS that he would not have held women hostage

R. Kelly gets emotional in his defense to Gayle King of CBS

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