Buju Banton Blasts Mask Wearing As COVID Spread In Jamaica

Written by on October 22, 2020

Buju Banton sounds off on the COVID-19 situation in Jamaica while calling for an end to mask wearing. Gargamel hopped onto his Instagram account to share a series of videos questioning governments around the world along with The World Health Organization [WHO], about the validity of the coronavirus. On that basis, he rubbishes the call from those said organizations to wear a mask, along with other measures implemented since March to stem the spread of COVID-19. “We wah done with this mask wearing bulls**t inna Jamaica and who fi dead ago dead and who Nah go dead ago just live,” Buju Banton boldly states. “We tired of you intellectual fools trying to tell us how to live our lives, if you are so smart why haven’t you found the cure for cancer,” Buju questions. He proceeded to attack the government of Jamaica for instilling fear among members of the population while not tackling the economic and social challenges that we already present, and have escalated as a result of the clampdown. “What have you done for all those you have laid off and forced their business to close early? Jamaican people need to wake up and me done wid the f__kry!” Buju Banton said as he blasted the government.

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