Instagram Star Becomes Laughing Stock With Badly Translated Tattoo

Written by on November 9, 2020

The star has been left feeling pretty red-faced after the blunder…

And her comments became inundated with people mocking the tattoo.

Over the decades, tattoos have become a means of expression…

And millions of people worldwide enjoy expressing themselves through this beautiful art.

A tattoo is totally unique to the individual…

And it all depends on what this individual likes or how they want to present themselves.

Tattoos were initially seen as something only punks and alternative people would get…

But today in 2020, everyone now has a tattoo, including the rich and famous.

More and more people are getting experimental with their ink…

And a person’s tattoos can truly define them… such as our beloved Post Malone, who is famous for his facial tattoos.

Not all tattoos are to everyone’s taste.

Some tattoos are considered extreme or offensive…

Especially those that are very big and very exposed.

And it goes without saying…

All tattoos come with their physical risks and if they aren’t looked after properly, serious infections can be caused.

People have made some embarrassing blunders with their new inkings.

The list is endless.

And one Instagram influencer has hit the headlines for this exact blunder.

Naz Mila unveiled her new tattoo on Instagram, but people couldn’t help but mock her for the huge mistake in the translation.

The star used an online translation programme for the tat.

But it didn’t exactly go to plan.

People didn’t hold back.

So, what exactly is the tattoo?

Well, its believed that Mila was trying to convey the popular Turkish phrase: “Only God can judge my mistakes and truths,” written in the black ink from her chest to knees.

What she got was very different…

“I can judge a single god with my wrongs and wrongs,” the tattoo reads.


Safe to say, that’s probably not what she had in mind.

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